but seriouslly, let's make out †

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power to the people: i want to fall in love. i want us to make fun of each other, to talk...


i want to fall in love. i want us to make fun of each other, to talk to him the whole day. i don’t want to take the smile off my face, i want us to gaze at stars and just not care about anything. i want to wait for the sunrise in his arms in the middle of a parking lot and for him to give me his…

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so me and my friend were having a conversation

me: oh wow you're such a pussy
him: well they say you are what you eat
the world:
the universe:

give peace a chance: Society is pretty fucked up.


i don’t want to get involved with any people’s lives or even tell anyone how to live theirs, but i need to get stuff out of my head, i need to vent, and tumblr seems like an appropriate place to do so. i’m not only sick and tired of this fucked up society, teaching us to do the ”right things”, i’m…

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i was crying in my car in front of the mcdonalds near my house eating french fries and listening to my sad playlist in the car and a black guy tapped on my window and just gave me life changing advice “its going to be ok lil nigga you can do it” 

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